Bringing cutting-edge therapies to patients impacted by neuromuscular disease

Our neuromuscular program provides state-of-the-art care to children and adults affected by all forms of neuromuscular disease and aims to provide treatment, education and support through the life span of each patient.

Patients who receive care in our neuromuscular center have access to cutting-edge diagnostics and therapies, provided in the setting of our neuromuscular program at Montefiore. Our center provides care to children and adults affected by all forms of neuromuscular disease, ranging from genetic muscle and nerve diseases to acquired and autoimmune disorders. Under the direction of Dr. Leslie Delfiner and Dr. Fabreena Napier, patients have access to new therapeutics and are provided with compassionate, family-centered care that aims to provide treatment, education and support through their life spans.

Our center serves as a referral center for infants in the Bronx and Westchester counties who were found to have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) on the New York Newborn Screening Program. SMA is a genetic, degenerative disorder that causes progressive decline in strength, breathing and feeding unless treatment is provided. Our rapid-access-to-care model allows for expedited diagnosis and initiation of treatment, providing cutting-edge care in a community that may otherwise have difficulty accessing care of any kind. We provide access to single gene-replacement therapy for infants who qualify, as well as access to the other exciting therapies for SMA, which are proven to improve outcomes. These life-saving, innovative medications have rapidly changed the natural history of SMA—and we have witnessed the incredible outcomes firsthand.

Our center is also proud to provide access to new and exciting therapies for disorders beyond SMA. These include exon-skipping gene therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and newly available medications for myasthenia gravis. 

Therapeutic options for neuromuscular disease are advancing quickly. At Montefiore, patients can be assured that they will receive expert care in an inclusive, supportive environment.

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