Joint Replacement Center continues to grow

The Joint Replacement Center at Montefiore Einstein enjoyed another stellar year, with joint replacement surgeries and office visits on the rise, as well as an increase in telemedicine and outpatient practices.

Our joint replacement surgeons managed over 47,000 office visits and performed over 2,000 joint replacement surgeries this year. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to increase the number of surgeries performed each year. While offering in-person appointments, we also continued to offer telemedicine practices through the Epic platform, following the establishment of Montefiore’s first Outpatient Joint Replacement protocol during the pandemic. We safely performed 300 (20%) outpatient joint replacements, with patients being discharged within 24 hours by utilizing our new protocol.

Patient referrals

At Montefiore Einstein Orthopedic Surgery, we know that providing patients with the best possible care includes teamwork and trust. We work closely with our valued referring physicians to ensure open communication and reliable expertise.